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The Graveyard of D.C. DarkSides Past



A life that wasn't there

She had to have him

Where the hell am I?

Suddenly, it was all over

Somebody yelled "gun"

Pictures from the past

The sounds of thunder

Sleeping with a stranger

Yours for the calling

Child's play

The old bait and switch

A pirate looks at 50

When a stranger calls

Raped once, raped twice

A body to die for

Requiem for a mean S.O.B.

You can go home again

Suddenly, all hell broke loose

Fallout from a life
that doesn't exist

Reading, writing & getting it on

Change of Heart

Love, D.C. Style

Gone in 42 seconds

When you know the rapist

When there never seems to be enough

Maybe someday people will understand

How much is enough?

Yeah, I'll show 'em all right.

If you talk like one, they will treat you like one.

Life in the fast lane

The eyes of a stranger

When it's more than a crush

Season of Dread

"My God, she's in the water and she's dead."

Getting respect with a nine

When the job doesn't matter any more

God help the next one I see

When love isn't enough

Life under the needle

When love and passion turn deadly

Workin' the streets of D.C.

Getting out while the getting's good

Living in fear of the one you love

It couldn't have been her

Having it all and having nothing

The bare essentials

The good life near Bill & Hillary

A night with the Repo man

Chucking it all

Sex in the Summertime

Death of a dream

The high price of beer

Washington claims another one

A controlled free fall

Anger on the highway